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A DUI in Tennessee is no light matter. Aside from the many costs a person can incur from having a DUI conviction, it can also make a significant impact on your reputation, your employment, your rights, and much more. 

Having a competent and experienced DUI lawyer on your side can sometimes result in reduced penalties, or even full dismissal. It’s important that when you consult with the DUI attorney that you present all the information of the incident so that we can build a defense for you. 

Beating  Your DUI

One of the most frequently asked questions about getting a DUI is, “Is there a way for me to beat this DUI?” The truth is there is no set system for beating a DUI, and there are no guarantees that your DUI will be reduced or dismissed. However, here are some examples of defenses our lawyers may be able to raise in order to fight or reduce the punishment for your DUI:

  • Lack of Probable Cause for Your Traffic Stop – In order to pull you over, the police must have a “probable cause” that you are guilty of some criminal activity. Courts have sometimes discredited things like minor weaving as a reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop. If your traffic stop was not justified, you may be entitled to have your DUI case dismissed. 
  • Improperly Administered Field Sobriety Test: Police officers sometimes fail to properly administer field sobriety tests (FSTs), and some still use outdated FSTs that are no longer considered reliable. This can lead to evidence being excluded from your case.
  • Un-calibrated or Unmaintained Testing Equipment: If the records for the equipment used for your chemical BAC test show that it was not properly maintained, this can be used to discredit your test results.

While the above may help you in your DUI case, these are not guarantees that you’ll receive a full dismissal. It’s important to consult with an attorney to know what the best course of action to take will be when it comes time to go to court. 

DUI Penalties in Tennessee

If you’re convicted of a DUI in the state of Tennessee, there’s a minimum jail time of forty eight hours in the county jail on a 1st offense. The mandatory minimum jail time can increased based on several circumstances. If you’ve had multiple DUIs, the minimum amount of jail time increases.

First offense DUIs carry a fine ranging from $350 – $1,500 and 48 hours in jail. However, it’s important to know that after having a DUI there are many other expenses you may incur, such as increased insurance costs, reinstatement fees to get back your license, getting an interlock device placed on your vehicle, and costs associated with attending required classes. 

If you’re convicted of a first-time DUI, the state will revoke your license for one year and you’ll be required to attend an alcohol safety program. The judge may even order you to install an ignition interlock device in your car, which would be at your expense. 

We’ve Got Your Back

Don’t attempt to navigate the court system on your own. The Templeton Law Firm is experienced in DUI cases and we’ll work with you one on one to ensure we’re prepared when it comes time to go to court. You don’t have to be alone in this. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation. 

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